Biff and Dave

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Biff and Dave find themselves transported to the video game Doom.

Dave: Where are we?

Biff: We’ve been transported into the video game Doom.

Dave: How do you know?

Biff: Well firstly it’s Doom’s 20th anniversary this month.

Biff looks over his shoulder, and notices someone behind them.

Biff: Secondly there’s an angry imp looking at us.

Biff looks down to find he’s holding a shotgun.

Biff: And thirdly I seem to be holding this shotgun.

Dave: I D D Q D

Biff: Pardon?

Biff and Dave’s eyes change colour.

Dave: I was activating god mode.

Biff: Good idea. Ok lets bust our way out of here.

Biff uses the shotgun to shoot the imp dead (this scene is played out in an animation).