Biff and Dave

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Biff and Dave are working on their laptops when Biff breaks the silence.

Biff: I’ve forgotten my password!

Dave: Again? Did we not have this problem in issue 34?

Biff: I know, I know. I’m convinced the password is letmein.

Dave: Have you tried replacing any of the letters with numbers?

Biff: Not working.

Dave: Have you tried inserting capital letters?

Biff: I’ve tried that.

Dave: Have you tried using symbols instead?

Biff: Still not working.

Dave: Don’t worry. If you can’t get in then I doubt a highly trained hacker will have much luck. You’re completely safe.

The scene changes to show a man doing the haka in front of his laptop, alongside a rugby ball.

Haka man: Ok I’m in.