HTML5 Clive

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Miss iPhone is taking a leisurely stroll before being confronted by the evil Flash Man.

Flash Man: Good morning Miss iPhone. Care to see what I can offer you?

With his back turned to the reader Flash Man proceeds to briefly open his coat out in front of Miss iPhone.

Miss iPhone: But I’m too innocent to be exposed to this technology.

Flash Man: Nonsense Miss iPhone, it’s smoother and more stable than you last remember.

HTML5 Clive arrives on the scene.

HTML5 Clive: Stop right there Flash Man! Your evil work is at an end. Besides, 98 percent of the web has already seen what you’ve got to offer.

Flash Man: Too late my do-gooder nemesis. You can’t officially tag me yet.

HTML5 Clive: Really? Let me see here…

HTML5 Clive begins to read a very long scroll with the title ‘Mega Mammoth HTML5 Spec’ written on the front.

Flash Man: Ha ha! Enough time for me to escape!

Flash Man takes advantage of the long delay by making his escape.