Biff and Dave

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Biff is in the middle of a meeting with a client.

Client: …and I’d like the work completed on budget and ready to go live at Christmas.

Biff takes a moment to think about that statement and realises that this is the fourth client he’s had this week demanding a Christmas release.

Biff: Is there any negotiation over this release date? I mean, is it imperative that it goes live during this busy period? And can you guarantee that the copy will be with us at a reasonable time?

Client: Of course.

Three months later and the Client leaves a message on Biff’s answering machine.

Client: Ok the copy is ready now. Hit me up when you get this message.

Biff is visibly annoyed having envisioned this situation occurring after all the assurances made to him before Christmas.