HTML5 Clive

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

IE6 makes his appearance inside a huge HTML5 robot suit.

IE6: Ha ha no-one can ignore me now!

HTML5 Clive is flying overhead and looks down at all the commotion.

HTML5 Clive: IE6 is causing unnecessary suffering and claiming he’s HTML5 compliant. I need to investigate.

HTML5 Clive lands beside the huge robot suit. Whilst it’s occupied he proceeds to make his way towards one of its legs.

HTML5 Clive: Hmm, my name seems to be written on these legs. People might get the wrong idea, so I better remove any mention of that.

Using a pencil erasor HTML5 Clive begins to rub out the name HTML5.js, which is inscribed on one of the legs. Meanwhile inside the HTML5 robot suit, IE6 gets panicky when his computer screen warns him of a malfunction.

IE6: Oh no, what is that idiot doing!

The HTML5 robot suit blows up in a cloud of smoke. Initially it seems the world is safe again only to discover that the story doesn’t quite have a happy ending for our hero.

HTML5 Clive: Actually I’m afraid not everyone is happy with me in disabling IE6.

A huge angry mob can be seen in the background holding baseball bats and pitchforks.

HTML5 Clive: That angry mob are from the UK government department.

Angry mob: You’ve disabled our only browser!