HTML5 Clive

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

HTML5 Clive is peering through some prison bars and is looking at both IE6 and Flash Man, who are standing on the other side.

HTML5 Clive: IE6 and Flash Man are both safely locked up.

Flash Man suddenly has a good idea.

Flash Man: I know how to escape. Run away! The idiot has locked us on the wrong side of the jail door.

Both IE6 and Flash Man take advantage of the situation and run away, whilst HTML5 Clive is left to contemplate his poor decision making.

HTML5 Clive: Bah, I must be the only superhero with no brain.

Suddenly HTML5 Clive’s phone starts ringing.

HTML5 Clive: Hmm, that’s my phone.

Spiderman: Hi, it’s Spiderman here. I’m trapped and I need your help!

The scene changes to later that day and HTML5 Clive is looking around trying to find Spiderman.

HTML5 Clive: Great, a chance to help a real superhero. Hmm, he must be around here somewhere.

Suddenly a voice can be heard from inside a nearby bath.

Spiderman: Help…I’m stuck in this bath and I can’t get out!

It soon becomes clear that Spiderman (like most spiders) has managed to get into difficulties inside a bath.

HTML5 Clive: Ha ha, typical spider. Looks like I’m not that silly after all.