Biff and Dave

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Biff and Dave find themselves in the middle of nowhere.

Dave: Where are we?

Biff: We’ve been transported into the video game Oblivion.

Biff turns around and notices that someone is walking towards them.

Biff: Look, it’s one of the Emperor’s guards, and he’s walking this way.

The guard stops to greet Biff and Dave.

Guard: You have my ear, Citizen.

Biff and Dave look puzzled at this statement before Biff pulls an ear from out of his pocket.

Biff: Ha ha. Look, he’s right. How did that get there?

The guard then turns angry.

Guard: Stop right there you criminal scum! Pay the court fine or serve your sentence.

Later in the day Biff and Dave find themselves in jail.

Biff: Well, that was weird.

Biff turns around and notices a skeleton hanging beside them.

Biff: Wow, what are you in for?

Skeleton: I was arrested for picking up a spoon that wasn’t mine.