Desert Island Disks

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

5.25-inch Floppy, Floppy Disk and HD DVD are standing outside the athletics track.

Floppy Disk: I didn’t know you managed to get tickets too, HD DVD?

HD DVD: Yes, I’m here as the official obsoleted media format of the games.

Floppy Disk: Hmm, this sponsorship nonsense is getting way out of hand.

5.25-inch Floppy: Damn my memory is so bad. So what are we doing here again?

Both Floppy Disk and HD DVD look surprised at 5.25-inch Floppy’s question.

Floppy Disk: For the tenth time, we have tickets for the men’s 100 metre finals. It’s the big match-up between Zip Disk and some guy from Jamaica. These tickets are like gold dust and…and…I don’t have them with me! Nip home and see if I left the tickets at home, 5.25-inch Floppy.

5.25-inch Floppy: Sure thing.

5.25-inch Floppy leaves the scene before returning half an hour later.

5.25-inch Floppy: They’re on the kitchen table where you left them.

Both Floppy Disk and HD DVD look stunned at 5.25-inch Floppy’s response.