Biff and Dave

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Under the cover of darkness Biff and Dave are attempting to steal copper from a statue.

Dave: I can’t believe we didn’t think of this idea before, Biff. The price of copper is so lucrative these days.

Biff has now successfully removed the copper name plate.

Biff: I think we have enough now. Let’s transport this to the nearest scrap yard.

Biff and Dave are now driving along in their car when a policeman drives up alongside them.

Policeman: Pull over!

Initially Dave is confused by this statement.

Dave: Pullover? This isn’t a garment, it’s my natural fur.

The policeman is now visibly annoyed at Dave’s reaction.

Policeman: Stop the car you idiot!

The policeman is now talking to Biff and Dave on the roadside.

Policeman: Stealing copper from a statue and failing to stop? They’re going to throw the book at you?

Biff suddenly has an idea.

Biff: Dave, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Dave: Yep.

Biff and Dave have now bundled the policeman into a large bag and promptly make their way to the nearest scrap yard. The policeman is obviously in some distress.

Policeman: Stop you thieves! Where are you taking me?!

Biff and Dave are now at the local scrap yard and are now in discussion with a visibly shocked scrap yard dealer.

Biff: So, how much will you give for this copper?

Scrap Yard Dealer: Gasp!