Desert Island Disks

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Floppy Disk, GD-ROM and SNES Cartridge are in the midsts of a discussion, whilst standing in the middle of some overgrown grass.

Floppy Disk: This place wouldn’t be so depressing if everyone just kept it tidy. I mean, just look at this grass. It’s too long. I really need you guys to get this under control.

Floppy Disk leaves the scene as both GD-ROM and SNES Cartridge look at each other.

GD-ROM: Any bright ideas SNES Cartridge?

SNES Cartridge: Leave it to me.

A few hours later and Floppy Disk returns. The grass has since been cut.

Floppy Disk: Wow, well done guys you did that quick…oh wait.

Floppy Disk notices Link (from The Legend of Zelda videogame series) cutting grass in the distance.

Floppy Disk: I see you had some help…