Biff and Dave

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Biff is in the middle of a meeting with the local water company.

Biff: Why has our water bill gone up substantially again?

Water Company Employee: It’s due to the global rise in fuel prices sir.

Biff: What?

The Water Company Employee is now becoming more nervous with his own answers.

Water Company Employee: Erm…I mean the strength of the pound sterling.

Biff is looking more angry.

Biff: What strength?

Water Company Employee: Erm…

Biff: This is ridiculous. I demand a confrontation with whoever is responsible!

Water Company Employee: Certainly sir…

The scene changes to resemble a background from the Mortal Kombat computer game series. Biff and Dave stand on one side, whilst the combatant Rain stands immediately opposite in a fighting pose.

Dave: Oh Biff. You never told me that Rain from Mortal Kombat was behind all this.