HTML5 Clive and CSSquirrel

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

IE6 is trying to escape detection by putting on a cloaking device, which essentially is an IE6 conditional tag.

IE6: Ha ha, no-one will find me with this invisible cloak.

Meanwhile in a location nearby, CSSquirrel and HTML5 Clive are in the middle of a discussion.

CSSquirrel: HTML5 Clive we have a problem. IE6 has escaped and no-one can find him.

HTML5 Clive: Have no fear my furry friend.

HTML5 Clive pulls out his mobile phone.

HTML5 Clive: By using this new iPhone4 with iOS 5 Mobile Safari, I can use the Compass API to locate his position.

CSSquirrel: Is that a plug?

HTML5 Clive: No don’t be silly, I’m completely impartial to all mobile devices.

CSSquirrel: No I mean is that a plug?

CSSquirrel points towards a wall-mounted power plug socket, which has a device plugged into it with the title IE6 written on it.

HTML5 Clive: Oh yes you’re right. I suppose we better switch off his power source then.

It looks like our heroes have saved the day but it seems CSSquirrel’s financial demands have dampened the mood.

HTML5 Clive: Hmm I didn’t realise you were so expensive CSSquirrel.

HTML5 Clive is left open-mouthed as he reads through CSSquirrel’s contract.

CSSquirrel: My contract states I mustn’t appear on any more than three comic panels. Plus solving IE6 issues will cost you more.