Desert Island Disks

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

HD DVD is standing on the edge of a cliff, whilst looking like he might jump. Floppy Disk is also standing on the edge of a cliff (but from the opposite side) with the intention of making sure HD DVD doesn’t jump.

HD DVD: I once had everything. Good looks, huge storage capacity and a great relationship with Toshiba but now I’ve been tossed aside.

Floppy Disk: We all get pushed aside eventually. Stay with us, we’ll look after you.

HD DVD: I can’t, it has to end this way. Good bye cruel world.

HD DVD then proceeds to jump off the cliff.

Floppy Disk: Oh my god he’s jumped!

Thankfully something breaks HD DVD’s fall.

Floppy Disk: Wow that was lucky, he landed right on top of zip disk on his morning run. Good thing he’s built for comfort.

Floppy Disk makes his way down to the bottom of the cliff to talk to both HD DVD and Zip Disk.

Floppy Disk: You guys ok?

HD DVD: Yeah we’re fine thanks.

As Zip Disk gets up from off the floor he suddenly makes a strange clicking sound.

Floppy Disk: Wait, what’s that clicking sound? Oh no it’s the click of death!

Zip Disk: No no, it’s just my joints.