Desert Island Disks

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

GD-ROM and LS-120 are having a quiet conversation.

GD-ROM: It’s so peaceful here.

LS-120: Yep.

GD-ROM: Where’s Floppy Disk?

LS-120: He said he was bringing some friends along.

GD-ROM: What’s that noise?

Suddenly a large rumbling sound can be heard in the distance.

GD-ROM: Oh my god…run…and don’t look back!

LS-120: What is it?

Suddenly Floppy Disk can be seen running with eleven other floppy disks.

GD-ROM: It’s a stampede of floppy disks!

Floppy Disk: Hey, don’t run away…it’s only the Amiga disks from the ‘Flight of the Amazon Queen’.