Biff and Dave

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Biff and Dave are both working in front of their laptops before Biff breaks the silence.

Biff: Oh no!

Dave: What?

Biff: It’s the Christmas issue of Bifter.

Dave: And?

Biff: And it’s issue 13 at the same time.

Dave: What does that mean?

Biff: Well, we’re bound to be visited by The Ghost of Christmas Past!

Both Biff and Dave look towards the reader, as if they’re waiting for something to happen.

Biff: No I think we’ll be ok, there’s only one panel left…

Suddenly without warning three ghosts appear, who all resemble Christmas E-cards.

Biff: Whoops, spoke too soon!

Dave: It’s the E-cards of Christmas past, run!