HTML5 Clive

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

HTML5 Clive is about to undergo an operation under the hands of Sarah Connor from the film Terminator 2.

HTML5 Clive: Open the port cover to access the HTML5 spec and pull out the <hgroup>.

HTML5 Clive is now temporarily disabled. After removing the <hgroup> tag from him, Sarah Connor decides that it’s probably best to destroy the tag with a hammer. Before she can do so her son, John Connor, makes an appearance.

John Connor: No! You can’t destroy <hgroup>.

Sarah Connor: You don’t know what it’s like to try and spec one of these things, now move!

John Connor: Listen Mum people are struggling to understand how to implement it correctly, just give them time.

Sarah Connor: This is precisely why we need proper scientific research to be done first before we can even think of ratifying it.

John Connor: What, you mean we did that with <aside>?

Sarah Connor takes a moment to think about that last comment.

Sarah Connor: Ok stick it back in then.