Biff and Dave

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Biff and Dave are working on their laptops when Biff breaks the silence.

Biff: Grr.

Dave: What’s wrong Biff?

Biff: I’m trying to set a new password but it says it’s not strong enough.

Dave: What did you type?

Biff: I wrote the entire script for Star Wars Episode One.

Dave: Well that figures. Have you tried Manchester United’s midfield?

Biff: It’s too weak.

Dave: What about the PS4 game Knack?

Biff: It’s not liking it.

Dave: What about the British Labour Party?

Biff: It’s not strong enough.

Dave: Ok let’s keep it really simple. Have you tried your socks?

Biff: Ok that’s strong enough.