HTML5 Clive

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

HTML5 Clive is wearing a postman’s hat.

HTML5 Clive: I’m a bit low on cash, so I’m working part-time as a postman.

HTML5 Clive picks out the first letter from his post bag.

HTML5 Clive: Ah, what a coincidence, the first letter is for the W3C. It says I should post it through the <main> door.

HTML5 Clive locates the main door of the W3C.

HTML5 Clive: Well that was easy.

A few hours later and HTML5 Clive picks out the final letter from his post bag.

HTML5 Clive: The very last letter, this time it’s for the WHATWG. This one also demands me to use the <main> door.

HTML5 Clive has a smug look on his face.

HTML5 Clive: Don’t worry I know exactly what to do with this.

HTML5 Clive reaches the WHATWG headquarters.

HTML5 Clive: Oh dear, this isn’t as easy as I thought.

HTML5 Clive stands in front of three doors, all of them claiming to be the <main> door.

HTML5 Clive: The W3C and WHATWG have a different interpretation of the word <main>.