Biff and Dave

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

Biff is talking to a posh racegoer at the races.

Biff: Who’s running today?

Posh Racegoer: Take your pick from Steel Runner, Green Ambler, Catalack or G.I. Jogger.

Biff: Any tips?

Posh Racegoer: I’m afraid my knowledge only extends to horses.

Biff: I don’t understand.

Posh Racegoer: We had to bring in replacements, as the British public have had a recent fixation in eating our horses.

Biff: Erm…ok. So who, or what, are the runners?

Posh Racegoer: They’re experienced runners from Chrono Trigger.

The scene changes to show all four contestants in the Millennial Fair race from the SNES video game Chrono Trigger.