Biff and Dave

Written and illustrated by Jonathan Ingram

An event organiser is on stage talking in front of an audience during a web conference.

Event organiser: …to tweet, please use the hashtag #notanotherbloddywebconference

Biff and Dave are sweating in the Green Room.

Biff: We’re on next, but I’m having second thoughts.

Dave: We need an excuse to get out of this.

Biff and Dave find one of the event organiser’s.

Biff: Hi…erm…I’m afraid we won’t be able to present our talk.

Event organiser: Why?

Biff: Erm…erm…

Dave: …our dog ate it.

Both the event organiser and Biff look at Dave in bemusement as to how two dogs could possibly have another dog as a pet. Before Biff chimes in with an equally silly response.

Biff: …we have a dog?

Suddenly a technician enters the conversation to announce some bad news.

Technician: Bad news everyone, the Wi-Fi has gone down. I’m afraid this means you won’t be able to do your cloud presentation.

Both Biff and Dave look visibly excited.

Biff: Yes!

Dave: You can always rely on a dodgy conference Wi-Fi.